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Unlock Powerful Features for Your Business with XEETEK’s solutions

XEETEK’s MD365 Business Central Extensions

XEETEK’s MD365 Business Central Extensions: In today’s competitive business landscape, companies are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance their operations and streamline their processes. MD365 is a robust suite of business applications that empowers organizations to achieve their goals efficiently. Within the Dynamics 365 ecosystem, Business Central stands out as a comprehensive and adaptable ERP […]

XEE Fresh $ Currency Conversion Extension with MD365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 tools

Lebanon has been grappling with an unstable exchange rate for several years, causing significant disruptions to its economy and businesses operating within the country. The volatility of the Lebanese pound has made it increasingly difficult for businesses to accurately calculate costs, manage profit margins, and make informed decisions based on the Market fresh dollar rate. […]

Microsoft wanted something magical. They invented Dynamics 365!

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft’s cutting-edge technology has provided us with software that integrates CRM and ERP into a single efficient, consistent, and easy-to-use solution. Let’s look at how CRM, ERP, and Dynamics 365 will make your life easier so you can see just how revolutionary this is.

Financial Statement with Power BI

Financial statement

With Power BI on top of MD365, you can manage your finances in a proactive and dynamic manner. The tool allows you to seamlessly switch between legal entities, months, years, cost centers, and more. Original source: Xeetek YouTube Channel