Financial Statement with Power BI

Financial statement

With Power BI on top of MD365, you can manage your finances in a proactive and dynamic manner. The tool allows you to seamlessly switch between legal entities, months, years, cost centers, and more. Original source: Xeetek YouTube Channel

Bring Your Data To Life With Microsoft Power BI

Power bi

What is business intelligence?  Nowadays, organizations can quickly uncover actionable insights to make strategic decisions; Business Intelligence (BI) helps them analyze historical and current data. Business intelligence tools make this possible by processing large data sets across multiple sources and presenting results in visual formats that are easy to understand and share. 

All about Microsoft 365

Microsoft launched the Microsoft 365 package; is it similar to Office 365? If not, what is the difference between them? Microsoft 365 is designed to help you get more done with innovative Office applications, intelligent cloud services, and top-notch security.