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Deployment and Implementation

XEETEK’s widely business-oriented experts help implement Dynamics 365 applications that will help you organize your data and manage your operation efficiently with no risk by using an approach. By that, we minimize customizations and maximize upgradability while relying on the best-practice methodologies.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

At XEETEK, our team of experts helps you step into a data-driven world and modernize your current business analytics systems and infrastructure or develop a custom one tailored based on your business needs. We assist you in extracting insights from the collected data and turning them into profits and valuable information through dashboards, graphs, and advanced reporting tools.

Support and Consultancy​

Stay ahead of the fast technology growth and ask for a second opinion before making vital changes. At XEETEK, we work with you to understand your business goals and aspirations, to deliver a detailed roadmap that gets you there.​

IT Support​

With our expertise, we maintain and upgrade Dynamics 365 applications to proactively fulfill our customer demands. We are also always available for any technical assistance or user training as needed. XEETEK’s unparalleled expertise in handling dedicated IT values, designing dynamic systems, driving end-to-end transformation programs, mitigating risks, and reducing costs help companies take control of their IT environments.​

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App Customization and Development ​

At XEETEK, we always recommend using standard functionalities and features offered by Dynamics 365 applications. Yet some businesses have unique and complex requirements that necessitate customizations on the applications. For that, our experts use Microsoft development best practices methodologies followed by a quality assurance phase to validate that the developed customization meets your expectations.