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XEETEK’s MD365 Business Central Extensions: In today’s competitive business landscape, companies are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance their operations and streamline their processes. MD365 is a robust suite of business applications that empowers organizations to achieve their goals efficiently. Within the Dynamics 365 ecosystem, Business Central stands out as a comprehensive and adaptable ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.  

This article will highlight the expertise of XEETEK in unlocking the full potential of Business Central through two key extensions: subscription setup, and automatic financial dimension allocation. These extensions play a vital role in enabling accurate allocation and reporting within the system. 

2. XEE subscription extension 

The subscription extension provided by XEETEK caters to businesses with a high volume of yearly subscription renewals. Generating and posting recurring invoices manually can be time-consuming and error prone. However, with this extension, businesses can automate the generation of recurring invoices, saving valuable time and resources.  

3. Identifying Financial Dimensions Allocation 

Accurate financial reporting is essential for businesses to gain valuable insights into their performance and make data-driven decisions.  

It’s time to say goodbye to manual allocation and hello to automatic allocation. 


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In summary, XEETEK offers expertise in unlocking the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central through providing businesses with the flexibility and extensibility they need to customize the software according to their unique requirements. 

With XEETEK’s solutions, businesses can streamline their operations, make informed decisions, and achieve their growth objectives with ease. 

Original source: Xeetek team