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XEE Fresh $ Currency Conversion Extension with MD365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 tools

Lebanon has been grappling with an unstable exchange rate for several years, causing significant disruptions to its economy and businesses operating within the country. The volatility of the Lebanese pound has made it increasingly difficult for businesses to accurately calculate costs, manage profit margins, and make informed decisions based on the Market fresh dollar rate. […]

Microsoft wanted something magical. They invented Dynamics 365!

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft’s cutting-edge technology has provided us with software that integrates CRM and ERP into a single efficient, consistent, and easy-to-use solution. Let’s look at how CRM, ERP, and Dynamics 365 will make your life easier so you can see just how revolutionary this is.

Bring Your Data To Life With Microsoft Power BI

Power bi

What is business intelligence?  Nowadays, organizations can quickly uncover actionable insights to make strategic decisions; Business Intelligence (BI) helps them analyze historical and current data. Business intelligence tools make this possible by processing large data sets across multiple sources and presenting results in visual formats that are easy to understand and share.